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AS Pakker Avio has springed up from a Ergon LG named company established in 1990. Today our main fields of operation are pilot training, taxi and ordered flights.  We began with pilot training in 1990.

We have held several different courses as continuous training programme, for example night flight, instrumental flight, multiengine pilot training and type training. We have held trainings on several planes and helicopters: Cessna-152, Cessna-172, Cessna-210, Cessna-310, PA-25/250 „Aztec“, PA-31/350 „Chieftain“, B-33 „Debonair“, L-39 „Albatros“, YAK-52, Robinson-22, Schweizer 300C.

There have been pilots from Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Nederlands, France, Belgium and England trained in Pakker Avio.

According to clients’ will we perform ordered and sightseeing flights on planes as well on helicopters. In addition to that we carry out different observation and patrol flights. Our most important clients are Estonian Air Navigation Services, Estonian Energy, Estonian Avaition Academy and Veterinary and Food Board.

Today our company operates with 8 airplanes and one helicopter.

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