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Pilot training

The training programs of the courses held in AS Pakker Avio are in accordance with Joint Aviation Requirements Flight Crew Licensing JAR-FCL 1 and JAR-FCL 2 by Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA).

The studies take place under the instruction of professional flight instructors. If needed the training program can be carried on in English or in Russian instead of Estonian as habitual working language. The courses take place in Tallinn as well as in Tartu. During courses theory exams and flight exam must be performed.

The training program is held in accordance with demands of Estonian Civil Aviation Administration and Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. In communication with private school law „Certification of traininig no. 2647HM“ has been given to Pakker Avio Flight Scool by Ministry of Education and Research in to prove that the school meets the requirements of adult vocational training.


  • Private pilot training PPL(A) and PPL(H)
  • Professional pilot CPL(A)IR integrated course on airplane
  • Professional pilon CPL(H) integrated course on helicopter
  • Type training TR (A/H)
  • Advanced training (ME, NQ)
  • Flight instructor training on airplanes/helicopters