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Commercial Pilot Licence Course CPL(H)

Those who feels like interested in working as pilot on helicopters can learn and become a commercial pilot. To pass the commercial pilot exam you must be at least 18 years old. After successful pass of commercial pilot course and final flying skill test you will get internationally acceptable Commercial Pilot License (CPL(H)), which allows you to fly during day or night and in visual meteorological conditions.

The purpose of integrated CPL course is to teach the student on to level that allows him/her to claim a Commercial Pilot Licence. This course does not include instrument training and any special branch of copter-made-work training like helicopter hoist. Depending on students learning capacities and activity and also on weather conditions are courses average lengths from 9 to 24 months.

The course consists of two parts – theory (550 hours) and practical flying (135 flying hours from what the first 15 hours may be on plane). In theory there will be given knowledge of aircraft construction, air law, aerodynamics, flight planning and performing (mass and balance), navigation, meteorology, operational procedures, radio navigation and human factors.

Before becoming a student pilot you have to pass physical check-up. Medical health of commercial pilot must not be lower than I class health requirements.