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Prices incl. VAT
Flight services
Cessna-172  320 EUR/h
Robinson R22  540 EUR/h
School flights
Cessna-172 in Tartu 280 EUR/h
C-172R (glass cockpit) in Tartu 310 EUR/h
C-172R (glass cockpit) in Tallinn 340 EUR/h
Robinson R22 480 EUR/h
Piper Navajo 900 EUR/h
Sight-seeing flights on plane *
 in Tartu 150 EUR*
 in Tallinn 180 EUR*
Helicopter introductory in Tartu 120 EUR*
Private Pilot courses
For plane pilots PPL(A) from 15 000 EUR
For helicopter pilotsPPL(H) from 26 000 EUR
Extra theory 40 EUR/h
  • * The prices of fuel, landing, navigation and pilot will be added to the aircraft rent. The final price of a flight will be concluded before flight according to the route.
  • ** The endurance of a sightseeing flight is 12 minutes by plane and 5 minutes by helicopter. For up to three passangers irrespective of the actual number of passangers and on helicopter for one passanger.
  • ***Theory course lasts 169 hours. Its price depends on size of the group.